The research in my laboratory focuses on theoretical and practical aspects of spatial planning and decision making in a complex world. Students in the laboratory lead socio-environmental policy research, with  a focus on climate-change and renewable energies, water management, agricultural practices, and urban governance. The laboratory encourages a trans-disciplinary and comparative, an international approach to research design and implementation, including stakeholder participation and policy application.


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Na'ama Teschner

Head. energy, water, climate policy-making, planning and technological transitions

Ela Romov

MA student. renewable energy landscapes and EIA

Amr Smadi

MA student. cross-border ecosystem services



Visiting PhD student. wind energy and GIS applications 



Researcher. environmental planning


Solar Panel

De-carbonized, decentralized electricity markets

Waterfront redevelopment and port-city urban planning

Noise, biodiversity and planning regulation

Sustainable agriculture transitions

Energy poverty & climate change

Renewable energy planning, landscape and public participation

Jon Doe

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

Omri Carmon

PhD candidate.

future energy systems

Elad Shaviv

PhD candidate.

future energy markets

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